Feng Shui with Gill Hale :


The Practical Encyclopedia of Feng Shui 

by Gill Hale (Lorenz 1999)

Also sold as The Complete guide to Feng Shui, this comprehensive illustrated guide to the powerful Chinese art of Feng Shui, covers homes, gardens and offices.  Ancient formulae and symbols are explained and interpreted for today's world and simple tables will help you apply them.

The theories of Feng Shui are explained, and practical advice is offered on how to create supportive environments to enhance your life, to foster your health, improve relationships and encourage prosperity and fulfilling lifestyles.

You are encouraged to discard everything which is cluttering your life and to encourage positive energy flows inside the home, and create a nurturing garden outside by working with natural forces.  At work, where you sit, and the characters of your workmates all affect your productivity and relatively small changes can have instant impact.

Over 600 photographs and illustrations, including commissioned photographs and detailed easy to follow charts enable the book to illustrate how this increasingly popular ancient philosophy can be used in the modern world to focus your thoughts ~ and that of your environment ~ to create the life you really want.

'The book is one of the finest I have come across on the subject and is a pleasure to read'

Rashmi Chugh : Editor, Hindustan Times

Zen and the Art of Gardening 

MQP 2001

Zen and the Art of Gardening introduces the reader to the spiritual side of gardening and to a host of practical and time honoured techniques.  It explains how, by working with the seasons, soil and environment, as well as using your own abilities, you will become a happier and more focused gardener.

The book offers advice on creating inspirational designs that are easy to maintain, and encourages you to work intuitively and be guided by your preferences.  Guidance is offered on how to understand the basic principles, including the growing patters of plants, the most prudent time for pruning, how to make your own compost and how to eradicate weeds and pests naturally.

Applying Zen thinking to the way we manage our garden can make the simple act a deeper and more satisfying experience.  This highly illustrated volume, littered with stories and insightufly quotes, will reconnect you with the earth, the water, the wildlife and the natural forces of the seasons, to create harmony and tranquility within you and your garden.

If you wish to be happy for a day, get drunk

If you wish to be happy for a month, get married

If you wish to be happy for ever and ever, make a garden


The Feng Shui Garden 

Design your garden for health, wealth and happiness

UK Arum Press, 1998

Highly practical, the Feng Shui Garden shows us how to use the natural patterns and energies at work around us for our own benefit.  Find out how to sense the flow of Chi ~ the universal energy force; learn how to determine the balance of yin and yang and interpret the colours and shapes of the five elements; use the bagua to channel the energy to achieve what you want out of life and practise the age old techniques of companion and moon planting.  The Feng Shui Garden shows how you can create a truly special place in your garden.

  • There are few books written about the Feng Shui garden and this has to be the best so far.  Geomancy.Net book store

  • An invaluable tool for the Feng Shui gardener.  Feng Shui for Modern Living

  • Excellent, clear, practical ~ and you get the added value of Feng Shui
    explained so succinctly. 
    Jon Sandifer : Chairman of the Feng Shui Society

  • You will be able to learn more about gardening from the gorgeous and highly absorbing book than from many tomes..   Cygnus Book Club

  • ...points put forward... are either good practice or common sense that can be applied to any garden.   The Garden  ( Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society )

  • ...a super book   Red House Book Club


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