Feng Shui with Gill Hale :


What does a Feng Shui consultation entail?

The consultation is principally a problem-solving exercise for your house or business premises, and any recommendations made will be unique to you and your circumstances, since solutions depend on many factors.

Feng Shui in the workplace can help you to focus on and achieve your goals, reduce stress levels and improve business relationships, creating a harmonious working environment which will improve your chance of success.  In the home, Feng Shui can help you create a nourishing and supportive environment as well as highlighting the causes of family disharmony, ill health and underachievement.

A survey normally lasts from 2-4 hours depending on the size of the property. A similar amount of time will be spent on preparatory work from plans and information provided by you before the consultation, and again following the consultation in compiling the written report.

It is preferable if outsiders are not present at the consultation since this can affect the rapport between consultant and client. The consultant’s expertise lies in analysing an environment to promote the smooth flow of chi, and in pinpointing the root cause of any problems. A variety of methods, some or all of which may be used depending on the circumstances, may be employed. They include:

*      Interview with the client

*      Survey of the exterior and interior environments

*      Advice on layout and colour schemes and cures

*      Dowsing for Geopathic Stress

*      Measurement of Electric and Magnetic Fields

*      Use of Luopan Compass and Flying Star Analysis

*      Interpretation of clients’ birth data

*     On-site discussion of findings

*      Detailed report with recommendations

*      Plans included where necessary

*      Availability for follow-up clarification

Please ring to discuss details.  The clients’ privacy is respected at all times

For information on teaching and consultation visits in the UK, USA & Europe, please contact Gill Hale on :

Tel / Fax : 01458 785361
Email :  GillHale@GillHale.net