Feng Shui with Gill Hale :

Feng shui in the Home

"Wherever we live, in the town or the country, we can arrange our immediate environment so that we receive maximum support. Some houses instinctively "feel" right and a Luo Pan reading will usually confirm this. Other homes may not, and sometimes external influences can adversely affect beneficial energy." (From The Practical Encyclopedia of Feng Shui)

A skilled consultant will be able to tune in to the energy of your home and to measure the affect of external influences upon it. Using a range of techniques it will be possible to make adjustments to your home in order to help it support you in creating the life you want.


1. "I read a book and it says ……"

With almost two hundred books on the market, if you read more than one you will be confused. Books can only ever make generalisations because each case is unique. Feng Shui depends on many factors –exterior environment, interior layout, furnishings, colour, and the people who live or work there. Other factors can only be detected with specialist skills or equipment. There are different approaches to Feng Shui, depending on where someone was trained or the scope of the book. The study of Feng Shui takes many years and some features of the subject are impossible to put into a book since they depend on detailed analysis of an individual site.


  1. "I bought a Feng Shui mirror – where shall I put it?"

Nowhere, unless you had a specific reason for buying it and you know what to do with it. The symbols make Feng Shui mirrors act like talismen. Hung in the wrong place they will deflect positive energy as well as the negative kind you were hoping to deflect. Never place a Feng Shui mirror inside your home or you will draw negative energy inside.


3.  "I’d like a pond but someone told me not to have water behind your house"

Remember that Feng Shui originated in an agricultural community thousands of years ago. Garden ponds were not an issue then, but rivers gushing down mountains were. If your house is lower than a river or a lake, the chances are that you will be flooded out if it rains a lot. Where you place the pond is important in terms of balancing the elements around your home and the location depends entirely on each house and its environment.


4. "What colour shall I paint my sitting room?"

Colours are vibrations and particular vibrations have different effects on different people. The use of a colour in one room, may have a totally different effect in another. Colour is also used in Feng Shui to create a balance of the elements and correct negative influences. Each case will be different.


  1. "Is there a reason I have felt unwell since I moved?"

If your sleeping habits suddenly change when you move, or if you grow increasingly unwell the chances are that you may be sleeping over disturbed energy. Disruption of natural vibrations in the earth affect us, particularly in the bedroom since we spend several hours there a day. The effects of sleeping over a fault can manifest themselves in a change in sleeping patterns, or in serious illnesses like cancer and ME. Faults can easily be discovered through dowsing.


6. "I don’t sleep well. Is there a reason?"

Disturbed sleep may be due to a number of factors as suggested above. The location of the room within the building and what we surround ourselves with inside the bedroom are two further factors.


  1. "Our relationship has stagnated – can Feng Shui help?"

If your partner is a serial bigamist probably not, but there are few situations which cannot be improved using Feng Shui techniques.


8. "Our home feels great, but we still have problems, why is this?"

Most of us spend several hours a day at work. Problems at work can spill over into the home and vice versa. We all need to pay attention to our working environments as well as those at home. Even though we may have little control over our surroundings at work, there are still subtle changes which can be achieved within our own working space which can deflect some of the negative energies surrounding us.


9. "Something feels odd here and I can’t work it out.."

Houses retain an energy imprint of those who lived there and of events which have happened there. In the East, no one would dream of moving into a home before it had been checked out by someone with the knowledge to read the energy. Ceremonies to clear the energy of past occupants and blessing ceremonies to ensure the fortunes of the new ones are commonplace.


10. "Are there houses which will never be right?"

Unfortunately yes. Interestingly, the occupants of such houses always intuitively know this and confirmation of the fact and temporary corrections usually give them the energy to move on. It is usually possible to use Feng Shui techniques to improve any situation.


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